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Well, quite simply we’re one of the friendliest and most capable production companies that you’re ever likely to come across.

And, best of all, we’ll always try to help

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We’ve filmed and edited all over the world in almost every environment you can imagine...but why are we telling you?
Experience counts
Isn’t it great when you find someone who really understands you and your needs?
Someone who gives honest advice and strives to give you the best?

Enjoy the feeling.......

..........We go the Extra Mile

You’ve arrived at  On Location Broadcast Facilities, based in the UK, we’re one of the South of England’s favourite Media Production Companies.

“A really friendly and enthusiastic tv trained team providing great filming and post production services around the world”
Discounted rates for local companies*, charities and organisations promoting ‘green’ technology

One of our cameramen filming in Petra, Jordan

All material filmed and edited by us

We produce broadcast programmes and video media for distribution on all platforms including: television, DVD, Blu-ray, the Internet and podcasts.


Our team has extensive production experience in in most areas, including Documentaries, TV commercials, Drame,  Sports, Product testimonials, Promos,  'Info-mercials' and training and information programmes for the corporate sector.



Live Events Service

We have Multi-camera filming facilities for filming and relaying onto large screens.for events that include conferences, product launches and awards ceremonies.

DVD design and duplication

Low Prices

Media Expertise