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When you take your car for a service you don’t need to know what spanners they use, do you?

Many production companies feel the need to bamboozle.... We don’t, and that's why all of our clients keep coming back

We have a ’no jargon’ promise........  Let’s  just say that  we have all the facilities and expertise here to produce fantastic results for you. Come and meet us, have a chat and ask questions- you’ll find it far more rewarding!
Facilities and Expertise
HD Editing Suites and
the Fastest Editors

We’ve worked all over the world and are confident in all kinds of environments, from the factory floor and the CEO’s office to hanging out of Rescue helicopters and capturing real-life drama.


Getting the best shots is second nature to us!





Our unique speciality is being able to ’parachute in’, quickly assess, film , edit and produce inspiring webclips and creative TV documentary material instantly, hence the name ‘On Location’.


TV, Media and PR  companies all use our skills...You can too!

By combining our editors with the latest HD equipment  you can be sure of  great results... and fast!L


Our chief editor, Greg, is one of the fastest and most competent ‘pixel Jugglers’ in the industry!


We promise great results


We take our studios with us

.....anywhere in the world!

Location, Studio and

 Live Event Crews & Kit

Our directing cameraman , Jon Lucas, working in a remote Indian village