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You might temporarily feel very special if you’re ‘Wined & Dined’ by another production company, and  if you’re at their swish, expensive rented offices with pretty girls all around but, hang on, does your organisation really want to pay for this?

at ‘On Location’ we are very different.*

We have always stayed away from the superficial approach believing that a Fantastic Service, Creativity and Value for Money* are the most important qualities that the clients, who we want to work with, are seeking. Our ethos seems to be appreciated and really works - perhaps that’s why our clients and other productions companies use us, and come back again and again.

“You ‘win’ because you get the best value in the industry and we ‘win’ because you’ve become a client!” says Greg Yonwin, On Location’s Chief Editor

*Our costs are always clear and are based on the time an assignment will take and the equipment we will need.  

*We operate from modest facilities that are powered by solar energy and with the earth’s natural energy providing our heating.


It’s Win

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